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Over the last 10 years Indian car market has witnessed huge revolution in terms of quality, styling, design and comfort. Gone are the days when car enthusiasts in India had to opt for the import route. In fact, India is now one of the important exporting hubs of small cars. Right from the super luxury brands like Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley to household brands like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, India boasts of a robust car market.

In fact, many international brands choose India as a launching pad for their newly introduced cars for global market. Car lovers in India have wide range of choice not only in terms of brands but also in price range. The unique market dynamics in India provides a great platform for co-existence of super luxury models as well as India's family car- Maruti 800! Here is a comprehensive car guide that gives reviews and technical specifications of car models in India.