Nissan 370Z is a new generation stylish car that seeks the attention of every passerby. This review provides general introduction, safety features, riding and handling for Nissan 370Z.

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Nissan 370Z

The grand car that has evolved out of six preceding generations was launched in 2010 in India. The car with a capital 'Z' is meant for sports drives and is carefully cut to be mean and adamant under the wheels and muscular and charming over the wheels. The car bags advanced technological equipments within that turn it into an unbeatable machine. The 100 and even the 200 km/hr mark look easy when the driver is in the cockpit and turns into an integrated part of this car. The car with all its characteristics and a wide body looks like an extra terrestrial equipment that stands way ahead of mankind.

Ride And Handling
The coupe has some features built to be a part of the drive. The manual transmission for instance uses a technique that can work during the time gap when there is a shift to higher gear. This time gap would involve the clutch being engaged, the decrease in rpm in the engine while the wheel speeds would be at a higher speed. To synchronize the engine rpm with the wheel speed so that there is no deceleration when shifted to higher gear the system automatically blips the throttle or accelerates the engine to keep the entire system energized with less loss of power that would result in deceleration. The wide tires, the lightweight wishbone suspension and multilink suspension systems give good road traction and comfort.

Nissan 370Z Variants
Touring Coupe AT
3696 cc, Petrol
Touring Coupe MT
3696 cc, Petrol
Price : Rs. 5,350,000* Get On Road Price
Nissan 370Z Photos

The car which zooms on road is expected to have enough safety features to avoid mishaps and in case if there are any, to avoid serious injuries. The car has a VDC which is Vehicle Dynamic Control system which has an electronic unit that would stay alert to sense the braking, power distribution to wheels and steering and control all these aspects so that there would not be a situation where the driver would lose control of the wheels. The car comes with ABS where the EBD is responsible for dividing the brake force among the four wheels. The car also cushions the interior with front air bags and curtain air bags which would pop up when required.

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