Tata Sumo Grande DiCOR (Mkii) is a large and stylish vehicle with many added comforts. This review provides general introduction, safety features, riding and handling for this car.

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Tata Sumo Grande DiCOR (Mkii)

Tata Sumo Grande Dicor (Mkii) is a car that stands between an SUV and a family car. The large vehicle with three row seats is boosted by a powerful trademark DiCOR engine from Tata. It has carried the name of its elder brother 'the Sumo' and has come equipped with some technological advancement for better comfort and handling. With some fine finishing makeover to the exterior it is looking quite different from its cousin the Sumo Grande. These changes are positive and may attract the current day customers. The company has made changes to correct some sensitive aspects like NVH which would improve the quality of this product.

Ride And Handling
The car mounted on double wishbone and parabolic leaf spring suspensions ensure good driving comfort in all varieties of Indian roads. The car is equipped with a power boosted steering wheel that can sense the speed of the road wheels and match the firmness accordingly. This would make it easier for the driver to maneuver the vehicle. The braking system uses a hydraulic medium to power the brakes from the driver's pedal. The car is designed to have minimum turning radius. The turning radius being as low as 5.25 m makes this huge vehicle sneak through the city roads comfortably. The ground clearance being 180 mm gives enough space underneath the body to escape from the road humps.

Tata Sumo Grande DiCOR (Mkii) Variants
2179 cc, Diesel
2179 cc, Diesel
2179 cc, Diesel
2179 cc, Diesel
Tata Sumo Grande DiCOR (Mkii) Photos

The car's body is designed for some structural strength to act as a shield against impact collisions. The side of the car has some bars that are meant for this purpose in case if there is an impact to the side of the car. The frame of the car is made of Carbon-Carbon material which is known for its strength. The steering column is constructed to get collapsed whenever a serious impact takes place on the front of the car. Such collisions could make the driver hit the steering column and in many accidents such injuries have caused death. With few more features concerned with the precautionary safety of the passengers, the car looks promising in terms of safety and security.

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