Hyundai Eon D Lite Plus is a neatly sculpted small family car with quality interiors to assure comfortable driving. This review gives information about the engine, interiors, design, mileage and colors available for this car.

Hyundai Eon D Lite Plus

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Hyundai Eon D Lite Plus
The small car has an engine that is suitable for a family drive in India. The 814 cc engine comes out of 3 cylinders placed in-line. The power delivery from the 814 cc engine can be up to a maximum of 56 bhp. The maximum torque of 74.5 Nm is available at 4000 rpm. The engine delivers good performance in the lower and mid range speeds hitting up to 80 km/hr in a comfortable and quick manner. The top end speed that the car can attain through this engine is 140 km/hr. The 5 speed manual transmission system has a major role to play in delivering the power produced for the 3 cylinder engine to the wheels.

Design And Comfort:
The exterior of the car is beautifully sculpted with a slightly curved fender and the shoulder line rises up towards the rear end of the car. The top surface of 'A-line' of the car is slopes up in the front and end at slight slope down towards the rear. The day light opening of the car runs along this beautiful A-line design and sharpens a bit towards the rear lower end. The front is also fit with chrome radiator grill with a brand mark 'H' of the Hyundai and a built on spoiler that uplifts the looks and adds aerodynamic feature to the car. The head light design also curves along the front fender and the rear lamp cover design is also given equal importance to match up the beauty of this car.

The interior of this car is built in a manner that displays the advancement in design of the South Korean manufacturer. A lot of importance is given to the front dashboard which is compact yet built in a neat way to match up to the standards of the exterior design of the car. The tailgate release in remote controlled and the instrument panel is also fed with enough output information to suit the needs of a drive. The car houses dual coloured bucket seats on the front with side boats for better comfort. There is just enough legs space in the front and rear.

Hyundai claims that the mileage of Hyundai Eon D Lite plus under the approval of Automotive Research Association of India is 21 kms per litre of fuel. An average mileage of 16 to 18 kms per litre of fuel under normal driving conditions can be expected from this car.

The Hyundai Eon D Lite Plus is available in Coral White, Sleek Silver, Mushroom, Dark Grey Metallic, Pristine Blue and Maharajah Red colours.

Technical Specifications of Hyundai Eon D Lite Plus
Body Type Hatch Back
Number Of Doors 4
Seating Capacity 4
Fuel Capacity 32 ltrs
Length 3495 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 1500 mm
Wheelbase 2380 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm
Type 3 Cylinder, 9 Valve, SOHC
Number Of Cylinders 3
Displacement 814 cc
Transmission 5 Speed manual
Max. Power 56 bhp @ 5500rpm
Max. Torque 74.5 Nm @ 4000rpm
Front Suspension McPherson Strut with Coil Spring and Anti-Roll Bar
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Spring
Front Disc
Rear Drum
Steering Type Standard
Tyre Size 145/80 R12

Hyundai Eon Variants
D Lite
814 cc, Petrol
D Lite Plus
814 cc, Petrol
Era Plus
814 cc, Petrol
LPG D Lite Plus
814 cc, LPG
LPG Era Plus
814 cc, LPG
LPG Magna Plus
814 cc, LPG
Magna Plus
814 cc, Petrol
814 cc, Petrol